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Quality journalism is time consuming and not free to produce. In an era where information is plentiful, it is easy to forget why we pay for news. However, awash in a sea of information, we are more susceptible to spin, bias, and manipulation than ever before. In order to get high-caliber¬†real and not “fake” news, it requires news organizations to work harder than ever to cover all of the fast-paced happenings with accuracy, vigilance, and restraint.

Sorting through the thousands of different stories that get published each day, like The Daily Briefing does, takes incredible time and effort and results in something that we hope you find to be of value. If you agree, please donate below to support us in pursuing the truth, at all costs. Beyond the intangible costs of writers, editors, brand development and awareness, there are also very real, tangible costs we have to pay in order to keep The Daily Briefing going, including domain registration, server costs, and technical maintenance costs to name just a few. Become a truth warrior and help support our journalism and our mission by donating.

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